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Once upon a time…


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Display this beautiful memory in your newborn’s room.
The poster is personalized with his first name, the hour and the day of his birth, his height as well as his weight.
It is available in A3 format, i.e. 29.7x42cm to suit any type of space and all your decorative desires.

The poster is drawn by hand and then digitally colored.

Choose the QR code option to bring your poster to life!
All you have to do is scan the QR with your phone and it will redirect you to your content (videos, photos, soundtracks).
You will of course be the sole owner and viewer of the content.
A procedure will be sent to you by email for importing your photos/videos.

Showcase your poster in a trendy way with the magnetic poster holder available in black or brown. All you have to do is hang your poster using a cord supplied with the sticks.

birth poster

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