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Customized baby photo album

Choose your customized baby photo album. The albums are dedicated to your baby’s FIRST YEAR. They combine both designs and spaces for your photos. They are hand drawn and then digitally colored.

Each photo album is customizable. All you have to do is upload a photo of your little family so that I can create the customization : SEX of the baby then the COLOR of the skin, eyes and hair. These and other attributes are also customizable for parents. These albums are intended for the first child but it is possible to include the eldest (and more) in the drawings. For this I will base myself on the photo that you will have downloaded.

You have two versions to choose from :

The first tells a little story of a baby looking for a home. Mom then becomes pregnant and then follows the trimesters until the arrival of the baby.
The second starts from the baby’s birth and displays his evolution until hier first year.

Whichever version you choose, your baby will be amazed by discovering his first customized baby photo album in a unique way.

The printings are made in Switzerland for ecological reasons. This guarantees fast delivery but also explains a large part of the price.

PS : a new baby photo album is being created : from the height of my 1 year to my 2nd birthday.