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How does it works ?

How does it work ?

A unique and customized photo album

for your baby petit coeur

Photo albums are for the first year of your baby’s life. The drawings are made by hand and then colorized on the computer. They include spaces, frames, where photos take place.
It is with a photo editing tool that I will place your photos in the frames provided for this purpose. These frames have different shapes depending on the drawing of the page. This can be thought bubbles, drops of water, rounds, rectangles or others. Given this complexity of shapes, I can not propose you a tool on my website allowing you to directly drag your photos into the dedicated frames.

When you have placed an order, you will have access in your account to a page to import your photos, named “Upload photos”. In this space you will be directly in your private and secure folder. This will have been created automatically when you register on the website.
Depending on the photo album you ordered as well as any theme pages and QR codes, I will create the necessary number of folders. For example, if you ordered the “My first 12 months” version and three theme pages, the space will include: 13 folders (for 0 to 12 months), 3 folders with the theme name, and 2 folders for cover photos. The number of photos to upload will be specified in each folder.

Once you have finished uploading all your photos, you can validate the step by clicking on “Confirm” in the same page, so that I can work by integrating each of your photos into your customized album.

Given the work required to integrate your photos and customize the drawings, the completion time will be around 30 days from your confirmed import. Once your photo album is received, your photos will be deleted from “Moi Bébé” storage.

In summary:

petit coeur Choose your customized book. Add themed pages and/or QR codes if you wish

petit coeur Order

petit coeur In your account, go to the “Upload photos” page where you will find a number of folders depending on the photo album and the options you have chosen. You will then be able to upload your photos there. The number of photos to upload will be indicated in each folder

petit coeur Once your upload finished, fill in your email and click on the button “Confirm”

petit coeur I realize your album!