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Baby photo album

Photo album baby

Relive your baby’s very first year of life by creating his baby photo album in a unique way: the photos are integrated into beautiful designs.

The characters are customizable to identify you, parents, and your baby : skin color, hair, eyes, and other attributes.

You can choose between two versions of photo albums.

  • A short version called My First 12 Months, which shows your baby’s month-by-month progress.
  • A long version called From shrimp to my first candle, which starts with a baby looking for a home that ends up finding you. Then the adventure continues through mum’s pregnancy to your little one’s very first candle.

You can add to both versions theme pages of your baby’s very first moments. You will find for example his first mash, his first swimming pool or his first steps. And in order to fully live the experience, you can add QR codes to the pages of your choice to view your videos and immerse yourself in wonderful memories.

Your little one will be overjoyed when he will discover his very first manga/comics-style photo album.

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Your baby photo album in a nutshell

Your album will be printed with a hard cover of 205x207mm. It’s a format very close to A4 portrait (210x297mm). This format is used for comics and is therefore perfectly suited to the desired spirit : a book combining both drawings and photos. The cover page shows your baby on his first day and his first birthday. The back cover shows the baby’s development over its first year, one face per month. On the spine is written “Once upon a time, me “ followed by your baby’s first name.

Binding “Layflat opening”

Our flagship product – This type of binding makes it possible to benefit from a photo album that is not only successful, but also pleasant to consult. It allows you to flip through your album without interruptions or creases, so you won’t miss any detail of your photos. The drawings and your photos will be printed harmoniously on a double page. This lay-flat technique also prevents the photo book from collapsing.

Reliure flatbook

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