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In my thirties, I am married and mother of a little girl. I live in the Nyon region in Switzerland.

Developer of training applications, I worked in the field of computer science through the creation of websites and then applications in the field of insurance.

Since my daughter was born, I decided to quit my job to be present for every first moment with her. Like any parent, my phone started filling up with photos of my treasure. It was then that I came up with the idea of offering her his first photo album and combining both a passion, drawing, with my computer skills.

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Drawing Hearts

“Moi Bébé”

“Moi bébé” is above all a personal and professional challenge but also aims to offer a different customization of the big photo album industries.

I have always ordered standard photo albums for the trips we have done with my husband. But for my daughter, I wanted to create something out of the ordinary, a book she would like to flip through as much as those little Disney books she loves to watch every day. It is therefore quite natural that I embarked on the creation of her first customized photo album combining both drawings and perfectly integrated photo spaces. And it’s with immense joy that I see her every day blossoming in front of her photos and drawings.